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The Secret to Content Delivery: Diversify Your Brewing Methods

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Imagine you have just moved into a new, hip neighborhood. Around the corner is a craft coffee shop known to be the best in town. You wander in for the first time to see what all the fuss is about and find they only serve hazelnut lattes. You end up ordering one and it’s tasty, but you would have preferred a cold brew.

Coffee can be brewed and served in so many ways: espresso, cappuccino, Americano, French press, pour-over, etc. Some take their coffee black; others prefer milk, sugar, and flavoring (which I contend is coffee for people who don’t like coffee). It’s certainly possible the right coffee shop owner in the right location could serve hazelnut lattes exclusively and make a living. The more sensible approach is to not assume that all coffee consumers want their drinks made the same way.

And yet, if we’re honest, many content creators are like a coffee shop serving just one drink. Many are stuck delivering their thoughts, ideas, and creations in one particular way without regard to changing consumption patterns. It’s all too easy to get overly tied to a certain technology or platform for content delivery.

The biggest problem for podcasting is our limited vocabulary

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Asking someone “What’s your favorite podcast?” is about as useful as asking “What’s your favorite video?”

In the world of video, context about form and execution can be assumed when discussing movies, sitcoms, mini-series, documentaries, news, talk shows, tutorials, webinars, etc. Podcasting is just as diverse, but the language used to describe those subsets hasn’t quite solidified yet.

First things first: your business needs a data strategy


Over the past decade or so, third-party data platforms have made it ridiculously easy to hyper-target even the most niche consumer. Facebook, Google, and now Amazon have built vast advertising empires accessible to anyone with a modicum of digital-savvy. However, it may get harder in the short-term for marketers to reach their target as users are demanding more control over their personal information.

5 tips to help new listeners discover your podcast

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You’ve done it! You’ve finally found your voice and launched a podcast about your passion in life. The question is, who is listening? Or more importantly, who isn’t listening and how will those people discover your show?

In a universe of 750,000 podcasts and 30 million episodes to sift through, discoverability (how listeners discover/find your show) should be a primary concern for any podcaster. It’s not enough to publish a good show on a regular basis; you must find a way to cut through the noise and attract listeners that will come back time and again.

Radio advertising + digital attribution: panacea or poison pill?

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[An open letter to my colleagues in the radio industry]

If you’ve spent any time working in advertising, you’ve probably heard some variation of the century-old quote, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Despite its dubious origin or veracity, advertisers and media sellers have long pursued attribution models that aim to eliminate advertising waste. To that end, it has become easy to gorge on a glut of up-to-the-minute marketing insights.