The biggest problem for podcasting is our limited vocabulary

Media, Podcasting

Asking someone “What’s your favorite podcast?” is about as useful as asking “What’s your favorite video?”

In the world of video, context about form and execution can be assumed when discussing movies, sitcoms, mini-series, documentaries, news, talk shows, tutorials, webinars, etc. Podcasting is just as diverse, but the language used to describe those subsets hasn’t quite solidified yet.

When it comes to podcasting, I consistently hear questions like what is a good episode length? How often should new episodes be released? Is it better to publish in batches or a predictable, consistent rhythm?

The truth is there is no single answer to any of these questions. Best practices depend on the content you are seeking to create. We are limited by the fact that “podcast”  is used to define many styles of serial audio publication.

How are you talking about your podcast? What terms have you found useful in describing your work?

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